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The Tale of the Komodo Dragon Princess

Once upon a time, a Princess lived on Komodo Island and was called The Dragon Princess by the locals. She married a man named Majo. They had twin children, a boy named Gerong and a dragon baby named Ora. Gerong grew up in the village, and Ora lived in the forest. They did not know each other.

Years passed, and one day Gerong hunted in the forest and killed a deer. When he was just about to take the dead deer, a big lizard came and intended to steal the deer. Gerong tried to chase the lizard away, but it didn’t work. The lizard stood above the deer carcass and Gerong was ready to kill the lizard with his spear. Suddenly a beautiful woman appeared. It was The Dragon Princess, and she calmed them down and told Gerong:

“Do not kill her, she is your sister, Ora. I am the one who gave birth to you two. Treat her just like a human because she and you are twin siblings.”


*based on story retold by Ishaka Mansur, written by Rili Djohani (Erdmann, A.M. 2004)