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Komodo dragon is a reptile belong to the family of Varanidae. There are at least 70 species accounted for this family, distributed around tthe continents of Africa, Asia and throughout Australia. In Indonesia, there are at least 29 species of Varanidae, some of them are endemic animals including the komodo dragon or Varanus komodoensis. The name is based on the island where it was found and described for the first time. The local names of the species are Ora, Mbou, Rugu, or Buaya Darat.

Scientific Name / Nama ilmiah : Varanus komodoensis
Author : Ouwens, 1912
Local Name / Nama Lokal : Ora/Mbou/Mbau/Rugu  (Daerah/Local), Biawak Komodo (Indonesia), Komodo dragon (English)

Kingdom : Animalia
Phylum : Chordata
Class : Reptilia
Order : Squamanta
Suborder : Lacertilia
Family : Varanidae
Genus : Varanus
Species: Varanus komodoensis