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Audience of Team 7 with Director-General of KSDAE

In early 2022, 4 representatives of Team 7 of the Komodo Lizard Division formed by the Komodo National Park and intensively trained from the Komodo Survival Program (KSP) had the opportunity to have an audience with the Director-General of Natural Resources and Ecosystem Conservation. On this occasion, representatives of Team 7 of the Komodo Lizard Division gave a presentation to the Director-General of KSDAE regarding the objectives of the formation of Team 7 of the Komodo Lizard Division.

The Komodo Survival Program was also present to accompany representatives of Team 7 to deliver an explanation to the Director-General of KSDAE and his staff. On this occasion, both the representatives of Team 7, the Head of the Komodo National Park Office, and the Director-General of KSDAE expressed their gratitude to KSP for helping in the formation of a team that will carry out the task of monitoring the population of Komodo dragons and their prey and being prepared to handle conflicts between humans and their prey. wildlife, especially Komodo dragons and humans. The Director-General of KSDAE on this occasion greatly appreciated the steps taken by the Head of the National Park Service Office and the support of KSP. Furthermore, the Director-General of KSDAE will convey this achievement to the Minister of KLHK for further support.