Your Guide to Be Responsible Tourist in Komodo National Park

Visiting KNP is a dream for many people. We do respect that, so in accordance to our conservation effort, you can help us by being a responsible tourist.

That means:


  1. Don't disturb Komodo dragon. Do not feed, lure, and play with Komodo - and don't make them swim for you! This is a sample of reckless tourist, and we are sure that you are smart enough to put your safety first over your excitement.

  2. Keep your distance. Komodo dragon is still a beast at its nature. Imagine that its jaw can rip your flesh, its saliva can kill you slowly, and its tail can jab you down. Even if you are a black belt holder in taekwondo, they are living largest lizard that still exists in this Earth!

  3. Don't start fire. Savanna is very sensitive to fire and healthy savanna is one of the major conservation keys for Komodo dragon's existence. We regret that neglected tourists (cigarette - or for pre-wedding photo shoot properties) burned down savanna within the National Park - don't be one of them! No one loves to see their home is burnt down into ashes.

  4. Always follow your ranger's instruction. Please be aware that Komodo dragon is a dangerous wild animal so you have to be accompanied by authorized Komodo National Park's ranger. This Singaporean tourist (50 years old), was biten by the dragon because he did not obey this rule. We know you can do better than him.


  5. Lastly, take nothing but picture, leave nothing but footprints. Komodo National Park is the only habitat for Komodo, but also home to thousands of people. Taking anything without permit from this area is illegal due to Indonesia National regulation.


Under Indonesian Law (UU No. 5/1990) Article 21 (2) Everyone is prohibited to catch, hurt, kill, keep, own, pet, trasnport, and trade protected wildlife; and Article 33 (3) Everyone is prohibited to perform inappropriate action as the function of designated zone and other zones from any National Park and Reserves. Violation of this law is subjected to 5 years prison and US$7,000 fine maximum. 

If you have witnessed any irresponsible tourist please email to and (better along with pictures) and you can be a hero for the wonderful dragon!

We hope you have a pleasant journey in Komodo National Park!